Hey guys! It's Anastasiia here, and thanks for stopping by my cnannel.

So this summer we were looking for a compact stroller to travel with and just for everyday use.

And in today's video I will review our Recaro Easylife stroller.

So this stroller comes in 6 different colors.

We decided to go with more naturals and we've chosen a graphite one.

At 5.

7 kg it seems to be one of the lightest strollers in its class.

The stroller has 8 wheels and it's great to push on smooth surfaces.

Front wheels can lock in position which makes it slightly easier to push on rougher ground.

The breaks are very easy: you simply push on and push off.

The Easylife has a forward-facing seat with 2 breathable mesh panels on the sides for air circulation.

It's 5-point harness system has both shoulders and waist adjustable straps.

To fold the stroller you just slide the grey button on the handle to the right and then rotate to the centre of the handle.

Push the handle towards the front wheel and press the handle down until the stroller will lock into position.

And to unfold you push the grey button to the right again and then rotate to the centre.

The auto-lock will come off.

Then pull on the handle until the stroller is open and locks into place.

Recaro Easylife can be easily folded and unfolded with 2 hands.

But the main feature is that it can be also done one-handed! Which is great, especially if you are holding a baby.

To recline the seat you simply pull this plastic toggle on the back of the seat down.

The hood pulls forward easily, stays in position and provides a pretty good shade cover, especially when the seat is reclined.

The stroller has a decent size basket under the pushchair, which can be very useful.

There's also a full range of extra accessories you can purchase for the Easylife, including: Rain Cover, Mosquito Net, Carry Bag, Bumper Bar, Cup Holder and Parasol.

And to summarize, here're some pros and cons I would like to feature: Fantastic one-hand folding system.

It weights only 5.

7 kg, which makes this stroller one of the lightest in its class.

Has a 5-point harness system.

Very compact when folded.

There's no lie flat position.

Harness height can not be adjusted.

All accessories, like rain cover, should be purchased separately.

Overall, Recaro Easylife is so compact and easy to carry.

It also is very easy to store and it stands upright when folded.

It perfectly fits in an airplane's overhead compartment.

Because of it's light weight it is ideal for holidays and for day-to-day summer trips.

Source: Youtube