Hi! This is Roger Hicks for Expert Villageand today we're going to be talking about the Graco Mosaic Umbrella stroller.

Not abad little snazzy stroller here.

Ideal for your quick trips.

This particular strollerwill accommodate a new born.

Will sit up as they get older by adjusting this rip cordback here.

You have a little inside pouch for your kid for a bottle, for some snacks.

You have your bar in the front, which is removable, a cup holder for mom or dad.

Everywhere thatyou say that something is labeled red means that there is a function on this particularstroller.

This is about 15 pounds in weight for this particular umbrella stroller.


Pick up there, push down on the red to the right, push it forward, locks.

Easyto open.

Pull out on your lever.

Just kind of let it go down in the front, push downon the red in the back and you're ready to go.

Decent little basket.

Offers a littlerain shield as an accessory.

This stroller retails for like a 129 dollars.

Great littlebuy.

Excellent for say the grandparents house.

Don't want to spend a lot of money but wanta good quality stroller.

Something that goes from newborn on through.

Graco Mosaic is theway to go.

Source: Youtube