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Review of Maclaren Volo, Black

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Amazon Price: $150.00 (as of March 26, 2019 1:12 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Designed for the avid traveler the Volo is stylish, compact and perfect for life on the go. The Volo is super lightweight allowing parents to easily maneuver collapse and carry while navigating through busy streets, large parks or crowded terminals. Our features are carefully designed – from breathable mesh seats in bright new colors to larger wheels with plush suspension – to prepare you for any adventure that may come your way. Smart products for active parents: Every Maclaren stroller comes with a UPF+50, waterproof hood and wind-blocking rain cover. Accidents happen – all of our seats are removable and machine washable for easy clean up. Wheels and handle grips are high-wear items that can be easily replaced to extend the life of the buggy. All Maclaren strollers include our unique Global Safety Standard backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Technical Details

  • Item Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.9 x 41 x 37.8 inches
  • Origin: China
  • UPC: 789327696669 688222214711 795569809071
  • Item model number: WM1Y010192
  • Number of items: 1
  • Batteries required: No

Customer Reviews

Wish it were lighter

 on February 2, 2017
By Melissa C.
I bought this from another store using price match from amazon but returned it. I spent a lot of time on Amazon doing my research so thought I’d post a review here. I took a long time looking for that “last stroller ever” and thought I had found it with the 2011 model g-luxe (it was too rickety) and after seriously looking at the newer g-luxe and the extra weight they have added, I focused on my main needs after dealing with a cheap $45 book fold type stroller for 6 years. I’m on kid 3 and have a joovy caboose but I still use a single stroller more now that the other two are older. I needed a better sunshade, flip-flop friendly brakes, and one hand steering so I could hold another kid’s hand when crossing streets and parking lots while still pushing the stroller (especially when my 3.5 year old wants to jump in when my 2year old wants to walk, which is frequent). I was also hoping to keep the easy one-hand fold of my current stroller – the one thing I really did like. So it came to the new volo with the great sunshade and the g-lite. After long drives to find the g-lite to test and finally just ordering the volo, here are the specs I wish I could have found with all my online searching and maybe will help someone else out. Weight: the Volo is heavier then it claims. It is 10.3lbs without the canopy and 11.6lbs with the canopy. The G-lite is lighter and weighed in just under it’s list of 10.8lbs. Maclaren also took away that rubber pad on the strap which I felt made the stroller more comfortable to carry. Brakes: maclaren changed the brakes but they are still sandal friendly as they engage easily. G-lite brakes were not as snappy but still easy as well. Basket: I can’t believe the maclaren still has baskets rated <5lbs while the G-lite is 10lbs. Seat back: Volo is 18.25 inches which I wish they would just make it 20 so that the older 50b kids this stroller is rated for could be more comfortable. The G-lite is 21inches. Canopy height is 24 inches on the Volo and the G-lite is 27 inches. Tipping point with purse on back handle and no kid in seat - both around 6.5lbs Seat material: The mesh on the volo though more plastic feeling is smoother and my kids preferred it to the more flexible but more rough g-lite. The flexibility caused more posturing issues with my 2 year old, especially when he was resisting getting buckled. My older son also pointed out that the plastic around the shoulder strap holes on the g-lite bothered him. I asked him if the plastic Maclaren logo that looked to me to be uncomfortable behind his head also bothered him and he said no. If the g-lite still had the seat cover over the mesh this would not be an issue. Buckles: the g-lite was simple with a hollow feeling plastic buckle. I found the Volo buckle worked best when pressed twice, once for each side, rather than trying to get them to pop out at the same time and it felt pretty solid. I also liked how easy it would be for me to switch from 5-point harness to 3-pont harness when my older children want to ride instead of rethreading, which I didn't try out on either stroller, though the g-lite was easier to adjust sizing. Straps: both felt smooth and silky. Hoods were different but both good sun coverage though I have seen the g-lite hoods start to sag while looking at second hand strollers. The volo has a pocket on the back of the hood now which is nice but it took away the roll up feature. I also find it funny that maclaren added back the tilt feature of the hood even though they added the extension, which to me makes it pointless. Looks: both look nice. I really liked the hunter green/light wheat color combo and I really liked the sleek lightweight frame of the g-lite in black. I wanted to love the g-lite overall as it would be something that my oldest could use if needed (he has overtaken the stroller when he got sick at Disneyland before) and my youngest could grow into (he is 33.5inches tall and his legs did not yet reach the foot rest on the g-lite and were at 90deg on the foot rest in the Volo), plus it could stand on its own and they have AWESOME customer service (I know as I emailed then many times about specs and availability of replacement parts on older models). Maclaren is not too bad, just longer reply times unless you happen to catch a time when you can do messaging online on their website. The steering is what broke the deal. I tried 2 floor models of the g-lite. First one was basically new and pushed well but I did feel like I was pushing (I forgot to try one hand push). The second was at a resale store so I expected the seat and frame to look worn and the wheels to be good but it was the opposite. It looked new, but I had to push it. Even with my 2 year old I had to make wide turns when pushing one handed. This made me question the longevity of the wheels. I even turned the stroller upside down check the wheels and some rolled freely and others barely turned. The volo did not take much effort to push and could take corners one handed even with my 45lb 6 year old in it. So why did I return it? I didn't feel the changes were enough to sway me to spend the money on a new one vs getting the older style second hand volo as this stroller is built to last. My kids are older and because the canopy is not as high as the triumph, I seems they would be in the shade most of the time even without the extension. Now, I've seen the new Triumph and with the new hood maclaren has also lowered the canopy height to 24 inches and for some reason the belt straps are a different material that are wider and a bit rough, otherwise I may have been more tempted to look away from my weight requirement after seeing many great deals online for this model and it's included recline. Also, as other people have said, when you have this stroller on your back the clip gives too much room and the wheels sit further away contributing the the stroller feeling heavier when carried. I will have to give up the 4-wheel suspension and slightly larger wheels on this model but I mainly use it for quick errands anyhow. I may post pics of my kids sitting the the stroller so you can see for comparison if I get around to covering their faces on the pics. Also, when I add my pics they get turned, so hopefully they will be righted after the review is processed, but sorry if they are not.

Nice Stroller Good Quality

 on May 7, 2017
By sublimetime
My wife picked the stroller out based on all of the reviews she read. We’re happy with it, but the seatbelt is a little difficult it get set. Other than that it’s a great quality light stroller.

Practical good pic

 on October 21, 2016
By mari
I am umbrella stroller adverse but this truly may convince me. Super light yet very roomy. The weight limit is 55 lbs!!! Great push. The con is it doesn’t stand up on its own once folded.

Infinitely better than Ignite strollers

 on September 18, 2016
By M. Rowell
Infinitely better than the Ignite stroller we wore out in less than a year of moderate use. Rolls nicely and shade is very effective. Only complaint is the ridiculous buckle system. If we bothered to buckle every time we used it, i’d probably knock off another star.

Fantastic Umbrella Stroller

 on January 29, 2018
By colorblue
Just got this stroller for a trip. Its amazing. I love everything about it. The ease of use, the mesh lining, the maneuverability. The color looks white but actually grey in person. Lightweight. Well made. Doesn’t feel cheap when you push it. Happy I did a ton of research and decided to go with this one. Does not recline but not a deal breaker for me. I never had a reclining stroller when I was little and pretty sure I slept fine in them when I dozed off.

light weight &single seat

 on August 27, 2017
By Vik
We love this stroller.It just the original packing shows different carrying capacity for different area. US&Canada is 25 kg, the rest countries are 15kg… My boy is now 18kg shall I be worried? Volo is pretty light weight but it’s single seat position which I thought it’s fine for couple hours on the go. However it seems the multiple position seat fits better to my boy. So I just wonder if the Guest/Techno XT seat fits my volo stroller. If so I will go buy one to replace the seat.

Five Stars

 on June 1, 2017
By Stephen Coy
light and easy to use, carry and store

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