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Review of Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller, Scarlet

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Amazon Price: $70.99 $70.99 (as of March 25, 2019 10:35 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Keep both children shaded and cool with the cloud side-by side umbrella stroller. With independently expandable canopies, the cloud side-by-side umbrella stroller provides maximum coverage for both children and the cool-climate roll-up mesh seat back keeps air flowing though the stroller. Weight of stroller: 21 lbs. 35Lbs. Maximum child weight per seat. Assembled dimensions: 31" l x 31" w x 38.5" H. Folded dimensions: 13" l x 12.5" W x 43.5" H.

Technical Details

  • Item Weight: 23.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 38.5 inches
  • Origin: China
  • UPC: 031878043448
  • Item model number: KT010-SCR1
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 35 Pounds
  • Number of items: 1
  • Batteries required: No
  • Specification met: certified frustration-free

Customer Reviews

Freaking out with twins?! Or just have two kids really close together??

 on December 29, 2015
By HI and Lo
Having twins? Don’t worry, everything will be alright!! Just have two really close together in age?….same thing! We bought this stroller because we have an in-line stroller for our twins and it’s gigantic!…..and heavy! We wanted something that would be lighter and easier to use for short walks and something where one of the twins didn’t always get stuck in the backseat which happens with the in-line stroller. Overall it’s a good inexpensive stroller, and that’s critical because with the twins our budget takes a beating buying two of everything! The twins love riding side by side so they can see each other, gabble at birds and in general point out the world to each other. The wheel locks are nice and strong when you need to park them and seems flexible enough to get over bumps etc but strong enough not to bend. Would have given this 5 stars but there are a few quirks with it. The stroller doesn’t come with any kind of container to carry anything (aside from the cup holder which is fine), we had to buy a little mesh bag to attach to the back of it to carry the myriad of things you need when you have twins….snacks, extra clothes, etc.. etc.. I think the reason for the lack of storage is that the whole thing folds up so there isn’t really a place to have a bin. The other issue is the middle hand grip. It’s just kid of strange to have that extra handle in the middle, we never use it because it’s hard to turn the stroller with such a narrow grip. One other thing to note….it’s very wide so if you are walking on the sidewalk you will most likely be displacing all the other pedestrians. They usually don’t mind because they will then make a comment about the twins and move along.

Look no more!! This is the double stroller for you!

 on August 28, 2015
By hugo ramirez
i was looking for an alternative double stroller other than my big fancy bulky one. Hands down this one is the Best! All of the other cheap double umbrella strollers don’t have shades that cover the entire back of the head as well as additional coverage/shade that extends in the front. I love that the seat reclines pretty far back (does not go into flat laying position) without having to adjust silly draw strings to do so, these have clamps that go into position. I also love how this thing steers! Whether one child or both are in it, it turns on a dime! No front wheels spinning around or jamming and sliding sideways like other umbrella strollers we’ve had. I also love that the brakes are easy to apply, even with sandals on! You can’t tell by the picture but the red part of the seat rolls up into a padded square that services as a head rest/pillow, my 3rd old loves that feature. Also on hot summer days when the red pads are rolled up as headrests, the back is made up of see through mesh material allowing a breeze of fresh air, that way when you pick your baby up they don’t have a drenched sweaty back!! Only negatives, there is no storage or mesh net on the backs or a fabric caddy for the parents, but you can always buy those separate at a baby store. Also i wish it was a 5pt harness style buckle rather than just a lap buckle (i have wild kids to restraint lol). other than that this stroller is the way to go!

Like, not love

 on April 13, 2017
By Jen-nay
I like this a lot…but it isn’t quite love. I would LOVE it if it were a hair narrower–sometimes you really have to fanagle through doors, or lift the front end up to get through. It turns and pushes easily. The handles are comfortable. It is great smooth surfaces, concrete, tile, hardwood, etc. It is ok on grass. It doesn’t do well on stuff like pea gravel, but that’s what I would expect from this type of stroller. I thought the lack of storage would be an issue, but it really isn’t–I can hang my big diaper bag on the handles and it doesn’t tip over, even when there aren’t any kids in the stroller. The fold up seats for air flow are awesome. It has a lot to offer, but it isn’t quite perfect, although so far I haven’t found a stroller that is!

Great stroller for the price; only disappointed with the canopy

 on January 5, 2017
By slicksara80
I purchased this to take our 21-month-old twins overseas and it met our needs in every way. Well made, sturdy, folds up and down so easy, seats reclined for them to nap. Only complaint is the canopy shades – the way it came it seemed like it wouldn’t even attach – my husband is an engineer and swore it had been assembled incorrectly. After he spent time contacting them, sending pictures, etc, he did what they said and folded something a different way and it did attach, but the “bars” that arch over each seat had to be bent in the middle, so it looks really stupid. Looks like two “V’s” instead of nice arched canopies. I think they also got even more bent from having to bend them up so much when you fold the stroller up and want to keep the canopy attached, which seems unavoidable. Luckily we didn’t need them covered much so took the canopy off for most of the time, but that was also inconvenient to have to lug it around or store it separately. Otherwise the stroller itself was fantastic. In fact we let friends borrow it to take their twins overseas too, and they immediately bought the same one as soon as they got back (they said they loved it, maybe didn’t have the same canopy issue(s)?)

easily portable in any vehicle and a side-by-side

 on September 9, 2015
By Katie M. Conrad
I searched for a double stroller for a LONG TIME (my youngest was 1 when I got this and I started looking while pregnant:). Finally settled here because I wanted something lightweight, easily portable in any vehicle and a side-by-side. It has really met all my expectations. I really wanted a Combi but they stopped making the style I liked and the new one is quite pricey. We’ve had this stroller now 3 months and I have used it on multiple trips to the zoo, store, park. PROS: super lightweight & easy to fold, large canopies – especially for an umbrella stroller, my 3yr old can easily climb in and out, fits through all doorways (so far:), for an umbrella stroller the wheels are sturdy and can roll over grass or uneven ground, I really like the three handle bar options – seems to make it easier to push even one handed. CONS: as others have noted – no storage but I am able to hang my diaper bag off the back (but it will tip over when the kids get out) & I’m thinking of getting an add-on mesh holder which I think would work well, no cup holders for kids, the canopies are great because large but mine have gotten distorted from all of the folding/unfolding of the stroller – doesn’t affect function too much though. Overall I would recommend it for sure, especially for the price!

I love the stroller very easy to push

 on June 28, 2017
By Crystal Rhoden
I bought this (June 22, 2017). I love the stroller very easy to push, fits through standard doorways, reclining sits are amazing. I gave this a four star because there is no storage. I have a single Kolcraft Cloud stroller and it has the storage space on bottom and I love it. The other down fall which it hasn’t happen to this stroller yet is that the canopy doesn’t hold its shape very well. I’ll keep you post on that.

Suited us perfectly.

 on October 25, 2016
By Mistypaw
I’m pretty cheap, but I also am willing to pay a little bit more for features I want. This was the best of all worlds. I wanted a side by side so neither child had to take a backseat to the other. The sunshade is a nice size and I love the mesh back seats – both super important living in a very hot location! Also, nice and small to fit in trunk of my compact car easily. Also lightweight and opens/closes easily. No air wheels, so never have to worry about a flat tire. I don’t care about no storage, I can loop a backpack or stroller pack onto the handles. If I was going to complain about anything, I’d say the recline is very slight. But again not a problem really, my kids, when tired, will sleep however. I have maneuvered through door frames and it can be tight, but mostly doable. I love it. It makes having two kids within a year of each other much easier!

Yes!! Perfect lightweight stroller!

 on April 5, 2017
By Angela Dundas
Excellent stroller! Bought this to take on a trip with our two year olds. It gate checked no problem. Adjustable and d expandable canopy is awesome. A cup holder for my coffee as well! Very easy to fold up and store as well as pull out and use. Assembly was a breeze.


 on November 13, 2017
I have a small car, and while I LOVE my double Bob stroller it is just too big for every day. So I went on the hunt for a small umbrella stroller. I was between this one, the Jeep double, and the Evenflo Minno. The Evenflo was huge when it was folded up. The Kolcraft and Jeep were comparable. Jeep pros- great storage, Kolcraft pros- ventilated seats. Jeep negatives- couldn’t filt my daughter’s oxygen bottle under the stroller, Kolcraft negatives- really needs a five point harness and some built in storage would be nice.

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Review Of Kolcraft Cloud Side By Side Umbrella Stroller, Scarlet

Review Of Kolcraft Cloud Side By Side Umbrella Stroller, Scarlet