How to choose a stroller?

The first six months of life the child usually sleeps on a walk, so it is suitable for a stroller, a cradle, in which it is convenient to lie. But after 6-8 months, when the child has already strengthened his spine, and he confidently sits, you can go on a stroller. It is actively used usually up to 2-3 years.

You can buy two strollers: a cradle for the first six months and a stroll for later. And you can choose one stroller “2 in 1” and even “3 in 1”. Such sets includes: in the first version: chassis and two bodies, and in the second – also a car seat.


Which of the three options is more convenient – the solution is individual. Here, the time of the year plays a role, and the financial capabilities of parents, and in general the scale of using the stroller (in the absence of a car, the third version of the stroller, for example, disappears by itself).

How to choose a stroller?

How to choose a stroller?

How to choose a Stroller?

  • Think good before you buy a baby stroller on the Internet. A small price may then turn out to be a faded lining, cracked plastic footboard or bad wheels.
  • Buy only from trusted and verified sellers.
  • It is better to buy a quality one, but a little more expensive stroller, than save in the beginning, so that later it turns out that the vehicle has broken down and you need to buy a new one.
  • A car seat complete with a multifunctional stroller for a child is not always a good idea: it is usually quite narrow, so the child quickly grows out of it, besides, experts say that it is not as safe as an armchair purchased separately.
  • Wheels of different sizes (the front ones are smaller than the rear ones) do not justify themselves on roads and curved sidewalks – it is difficult to maneuver such a wheelchair, for example, to leave a high hill or get off the bus.
  • Buying a baby carriage, pay attention to the quality of the material from which the frame is made. Plastic is lighter, but much less resistant to shocks, damage, and temperature. Aluminum is slightly heavier, but much more durable. If we are not interested in the lightness of the wheelchair, we can decide on a steel frame, decidedly the most resistant.
  • The walking part of the multifunction stroller should be equipped with seat belts, in which the child fastens.
  • Pay attention to the brakes: they must completely block the ear also on the inclined surface.
  • The color of a baby stroller is really a less significant sign, but it does not matter if it is white or very light – all spots will immediately be visible on it.
  • For choosing a stroller for a child, take it as soon as possible, do not put it off for the last minute and devote more time to this task. Buy with discretion. Do not be guided solely by the brand of the manufacturer.

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