This is the Graco Snugride Elite, a car seat carrier.

I’m going toquickly show you guys how this works.

I did a video on a car seat carrier a while back,and it’s been quite popular.

And I’m a big fan of these carriers, because I thinkthat if you’re not sure what kind of stroller you want to buy, you can very easily transportyour baby with a car seat in a car seat carrier for at least the first few months.

And it’svery, very convenient; easy to collapse, light.

And there are some features on this that Gracoreally likes a lot and presents to us: two cup holders here.

And then I have a latchhere, a mechanism here.

You can see right here.

And I’m going to pull this to theleft, and then I’m going to push up on this piece right here and that’s what’s goingto allow this to collapse.

It’s very, very easy to collapse.

Oh, by the way, the handlebars,look at this.

They go up and down.

So I push up here, pull up here, and that’s how Icollapse it.

Just goes right right down like that, and it’s very, very light.

This isa very, very good thing if you want an easy way to get your baby in and out of the carin the car seat.

Let’s see how it works.

And this is really the, the way to carry aGraco car seat.

So this is a Graco car seat.

So let me get into place.

You get that niceclick, that nice clicking sound.

In the older model, which I have, I bought mine back in2004.

Look at the canopy too, that’s the car seat canopy.

You had these red leversthat you had to switch in for security, but you don’t have to do this anymore.

One quickthing guys: here’s how I’m going to take the car seat out.

I’m going to push up onthese two handles here to raise the handle.

And then, I’ll push this back so you cansee, this is the lever that I’m going to pull up on my hand with, and that’s whatreleases the seat.

So see it releases right here.

And that’s how you raise it up.

Sowith one hand on this lever I’m going to push up like that and it lifts up very, veryeasily.

Thank you so much for watching Cloudmom.

If you have thoughts or ideas about this carrier,please weigh in on the site.

I’d love to hear what you think, or if you have questions.

And we’ll be putting up more specs about this carrier on the site, so check those out.


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