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So thrilled to be here today at Albee Baby.

I have the Graco Snugride 30in front of me.

This is the car seat model that I had for all five of my babies.

I’veowned it since 2004.

Marielle’s now too big for it at age two and a half, but it’sa really terrific, high quality car seat, very popular and trusted brand.

I’m goingto run through the basic features and then show you how to install this in two ways generally.

So here’s the Graco.

It has a lot of terrific padding here.

This is infant padding.

Youcan take this out as your baby grows.

Here is the harness system.

This piece here comesapart like this as you can see.

This should sit high at armpit level on the baby.

Here’sthe bottom snap.

This will go between your baby’s legs.

You’ve got to push down deeplyon to this to dislodge these two pieces.

It’s a deep, deep push there.

If you look on theback of the car seat and you see what’s happening here, I’ve got this red lever.

And when I push that this lower piece moves up and down.

This is what is going to be fittingon to the base of my stroller with a car seat converter.

It’s going to be going on tothe Graco Snugride, which I’m going to show you guys in a minute.

Okay? So those are thebasics.

Terrific and very, very protective sun canopy with an extender here that’svery, very nice.

It’s light and it’s easy to use.

Let’s look at how you can put thison the car seat carrier.

I’m big fan of the car seat carrier for the first few monthsof the baby’s life.

I often recommend to people that they wait to buy a stroller andthat they just rely on the infant car seat and the car seat carrier in those first earlymonths.

Watch how easy this is: I hear that nice clicking sound.

And you see what’shappened here.

That red piece is connected here and I know that I’m good to go.

And in orderto make sure that my baby is in the right position I can lift up here.

Okay? So hereI am to show you guys how to install the base of your Graco Snugride.

There are two thingsI’m going to show: the latch system and how to do this with a seatbelt.

Now here’swhat you’re going to be using when you use the latch system on the Graco base, and hereis the latch.

You see you have this metal piece, and you’re going to need to pushdown with one finger like that in order to secure it.

And the latch is going to go inlike this with this part on the top.

You have two sides to this.

And let me show you howthe, how the adjust works.

You want to make sure this belt is nice and flat.

Okay? Don’thave it strap.

Now if you need more room here to your belt, what you’re going to do isyou’re going to press down on this gray lever and you’re going to slowly releasethis so you get more room.

When it’s in place you’ll be tightening it up again.

So I’m going to show you guys how I’m going to push down on here like that.

AndI’m slowly going to go like this to get more slack in my belt if I need it while I’mdoing my install.

And obviously it’s not an easy thing to do.

The reason this is sotough to do is because you want it to remain tight when your baby’s in place.

And seehow I tighten it like this just by pulling.

Okay? So I’m going under here through thesetwo places on the base.

I’m going to snap this into place like that.

That’s snappedinto place.

I’m going to come around to the other side here.

I’m going in like thisand then I’m going to tighten, making sure my belt is nice and flat.

Make sure it can'tmove any more than one inch in either direction.

So that’s how you work the latch systemon the Graco Snugride.

Now when you want to release this you have this gray piece here.

I’m going to move the seat so you can see it.

And one thing you can do is push downwith both thumbs and pull this towards you to get some slack and then release your latch.

So I’m going to do that now like this, pulling down with two thumbs.

I get my slack.

I’mgoing to go in and I undo my latches like that, pulling up.

One side and the other sidepart, so that is the latch system.

If you’re not using the latch system, here’s whatyou can do with your latches.

You get all the slack by pulling down, pushing down onboth thumbs here, pulling this all the way out.

And then you can snap your latches rightinto here so they’re safely out of the way.

So I’m quickly going to do that and showyou guys.

Pushing down here, getting all my slack like that.

Pulling my latches out, pullingmy straps out like that.

I’m going to put this up so you can see.

And then you’regoing to snap these into place down there so they’re out of the way.

Snap, snap.

Thereyou go.

So now what we’re going to do, make sure this is nice and flat, we’re goingto quickly do this with the seatbelt.

So with the seatbelt, with any, just as with any othercar seat or infant install, it’s tight, tight, tight.

I’m pulling this out completely.

I’m holding on to this with my other hand.

And I’m pulling through like that.


Goes right in there, and I’m pulling up, making sure this is flat.

The bottom strapis flat.

I’m pulling up and pulling up and pulling up.

Many seats will have a lock here,which will lock into place.

You want to push down, push down, push down and make sure thisis tight, tight, tight, tight, tight.

It should not move more than one inch in any direction.

Okay? And as a safety indicator here, you’ll get this green light on the side indicatingto you that the seat is in a good position.

So those are the basics of the Graco InfantSnugride car seat.

Again, I’m a big fan.

Thank you so much for watching Cloudmom.

AndI will see you next time.

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