Daddy Clay: Sure there are tons of cool hightech strollers on the market, but how do they handle the practical realities of two smallchildren or multiples? Today in The Lab, we take a look at a great choice.

Ever since our friends at Chicco sent us thisCortina Together stroller system, it's been in heavy use.

It's rarely been in the studiobecause Daddy Brad has been using it with his family constantly.

And that's becauseof this.

It's unique capacity and it's ability to configure in a number of different ways.

Either to hold two toddlers, a toddler and an infant, or even two infants.

Let's takea look at the specific features of this cool stroller.

So, you can have the toddler inthe back seat here.

And very easily configure this front seat to accommodate the rear facinginfant car seat like a Chicco Key Fit 30.

All you have to do is pop off the front bar,lean the front seat forward and then it can accommodate the car seat very easily.

It snapsright in.

It's nice and secure.

One of the things you're gonna notice is that's onceyou're on your way, this is a pretty maneuverable stroller despite being a double and a prettybig vehicle overall.

Once you've got everybody loaded up in here, you're gonna notice onereally wonderful thing.

Because the infant is rear facing, they get a chance to observeand interact with you but also with big brother and big sister.

And any parent knows thatlittle babies love looking at those bigger kids faces.

Some of the key features to note.

The 5 point harness system is easy to adjust and to operate.

I love that there's an adjustableheight handle that makes it dad friendly so you can set it for both mom and for dad.

Andthe color choices are definitely dad friendly.

The folding mechanism here is pretty easyto operate.

And even though it's large stroller, it fold up small enough to fit in to the averagesize sedan.

You don't have to have an SUV or a minivan to take the Together along.

Oneof the reasons we really like this Cortina Together stroller here at DadLabs is thatit also accommodates the number one safety rated Chicco KeyFit and Keyfit 30 car seats.

You see these guys just snap right in.

Now the reason we like this design is that there'sno sacrifice in safety and it's a little bit of a slimmer outline.

If you've got a littlebit of a tight space in the back seat, this is the perfect car seat for you.

Available,the dual stroller for about $300, Keyfit 30 car seat, about $179 at a big box retailer.

Bottom line, this is an awesome rig for growing families or parents of multiples.

It getsthe DadLabs seal of approval.

That's all for us today here in The Lab.