Chicco C6 Stroller Review 2021 – Umbrella Stroller

The Chicco C6, also marketed as the Chicco Capri stroller, is a budget-friendly option for parents who are looking for a basic, good quality and lightweight umbrella stroller for babies 4 months old until they are toddlers. Although this is not a full-featured stroller or a travel system, the price is reasonable enough for its main function: bring your baby where you need to go.

Chicco C6 Stroller Review

Chicco C6 Stroller Review

Chicco C6 Umbrella Stroller Features

• The Chicco C6 is ultra lightweight at a mere 11 lbs, mainly due to its aluminum frame.

• This umbrella stroller can carry a baby weighing up to 37 lbs.

• It folds into a compact form so that it can be stowed easily into the trunk

• It also has a small basket right below the stroller seat

• The seat can be reclined, but not all the way so this is only recommended for babies who can sit up on his/her own

• This umbrella stroller is equipped with a 5-point harness

• It has a removable sunshade or canopy

• The wheels have front and rear suspension for smoother rides

• Front wheel swivels that can be locked

• It is portable with the built-in carrying strap

• It goes with a travel bag for longer journeys

What We Like About The Chicco C6

We like the features of the Chicco C6 although compared to its competitors, they seem pretty basic. However, there are umbrella strollers that don’t have a basket, so the one Chicco Capri has is a plus. The sunshade is huge to keep your baby in the shade for those sunny days out. The 5-point harness is an excellent feature, too, as it keeps your baby safely tucked in the stroller, a very important element in our books, especially since this one does not fully recline.

The suspension and steering is way above average compared to other basic umbrella strollers. Chicco C6 maneuvers easily, and you can even steer it with one hand on smooth surfaces. But keep in mind that this stroller does not handle all kinds of terrain, but it’s ideal in malls and sidewalks.

The aluminum frame of the stroller is lightweight but sturdy. The seat space is also wide, in fact, wider than other umbrella strollers are. The Chicco C6 folds rather easily and without a fuss, since the mechanism isn’t fancy. You can unfold it even with just one hand, but you would need to push the locking mechanism down with your foot.

What We Don’t Like About Chicco C6

Although the Chicco Capri can carry a 35-lb baby, it’s lightweight aluminum frame might not stand the stress of being used other kids in the family. But this is a small thing to sacrifice for a stroller that retails at $70 to $90. It is more durable than most basic strollers, but it probably won’t make it to your next kid.

The basket is a plus, but it can only carry your purse or a handbag, not a diaper bag, or other bigger items. Also, because it does not fully recline, it is not appropriate for children who cannot yet sit up unassisted. You also cannot attach it to a car seat, compared to other brands.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a budget friendly but functional umbrella stroller, the Chicco C6 is an excellent choice. It has sensible features, such as the basket, wheel suspension, sunshade, recline and great maneuverability. The C6 presents a bit of a problem for tall parents, though, because the handle is not adjustable, so it is likely that you’d find yourself hitting the axles while pushing the stroller. It is durable and can handle city terrain. It is highly portable, what with the built-in shoulder strap that allows you to carry it when traveling. For us, the reasonable price of the Chicco C6 is worth the buy.

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