Hi everyone Melissa here at CloudMom at AlbeeBaby on the upper west side of Manhattan today looking at one of the most important thingspeople consider when having a baby, strollers.

And I have in front of me here the BritaxB-Ready stroller.

This is a 2012 model.

It is in the mid $400 price range so less expensivethan the UppaBaby stroller to which a lot of people compare the Britax B-Ready, butcertainly still quite expensive.

Okay, let's take a look at some of these features now.

So the Britax B-Ready stroller when used for a single child can accommodate that childuntil he or she is up to 55 pounds in weight at which point it can convert to a doublestroller which we're going to show you in a minute.

In the early months, you will beusing this stroller with an adapter and a car seat, which I will show you in a minute.

This main part of the stroller you should not use until your baby is 6 months old.

Allright, so let's look at some of the features you're going to be able to enjoy once you'reat that point.

Number 1, the sun canopy this has a really good reach and is very, veryprotective of the baby.

Meanwhile, in the back you have a very nice flap here for ventilation.

The stroller reclines very, very easily.

There's a little plastic piece here that you justslip up like this in order to recline the stroller.

So it goes like this, up and downlike that – not difficult at all.

The handlebars swivel up and down- they don't extend outlike the UppaBaby, but you do get a lot of reach.

They can go up to here or if you'rea bit shorter they can go down to there.

So that's that, storage – I'm going to turn itaround here so you can look at the storage- The Britax B-Ready does have ample storage.

It's accessible from the back.

What's happened here, you might be wondering is that an adapterhas been placed in here to accommodate your older child.

So your toddler can be sittingback here enjoying a nice day.

And this makes it a really nice option for you if you thinkdown the line you're going to have another child.

Okay, so quickly the wheels- theseare foam filled rubber wheels.

They are quite good in the city or on a semi rough terrain.

Now I'm going to show you how you can adapt this stroller to a car seat.

Now interestingenough the Britax comes with its own car seat.

So if you buy the Britax B-Ready and you decideyou want to buy the Britax car seat, it's going to be very easy going for you.

You don'teven need a second adapter piece.

This is all you need to do – you need to take thesetwo little black pieces here and all you do is pull up to release the basic part of thecar seat, like that it's very easy.

Okay, I've got my Britax car seat right here readyto go.

In the beginning you're going to be rear facing and you're just going to takethese two plastic pieces and snap them in.

Okay, so here we are with the Britax car seat,it's a very nice car seat by the way, as you can see.

Later on, you can move it so thatit faces the front, I'm going to do that right now, here we go [noise].

Pretty easy, hearthe snapping sound, there you go, you can do this when your baby is slightly older.

Here I am back with my main stroller part and I'm going to show you how easy this isto reverse, which is a really great feature of this stroller, the Britax B-Ready.

Againmy pieces are going to go right into here and I'm going to put it on in reverse position.

And it's just a very simple clicking motion and again, it's a great idea to just pickit up to make sure that it's in place.

One of the really nice things about the BritaxB-Ready stroller is that it does come with the cup holder as part of your original package.

So you don't have to add it on as another piece to your original price tag.

Okay, nowI'm going to show you how you can collapse the Britax B-Ready stroller.

In order to collapse,first the top part of your stroller needs to be forward facing.

The second thing that'sa good thing to do with this stroller is to put the break on.

Here is the break.

The breakgives you a little signal; it's either green or red.

So all you have to do is move thisdown and now it's red so now I'm ready to collapse my stroller.

Okay, this strolleris in the double position.

It's a really nice, easy thing to add on when you have a new babyand an older child, when you want to collapse your stroller what you're going to do is you'regoing to find this little piece right here.

I'm going to move it around to show, thatpiece right there is going to slide up and I'm going to slide this underneath piece allthe way down.

Okay, again this is the double version of the Britax B-Ready.

Then thesetwo sidepieces I'm going to pull up simultaneously toward me.

I'm going to push down and thestroller is just sort of going to fold down, you'll see.

I'll do it as smoothly as I can.

I'm pushing up like this [noise] down.

This is the stroller in its collapsed state.

Nowlet me lift this up to show you how it's locked on the other side.

Here, this piece, you wantto make sure is within the safety lock right there.

And when you need to pick it up toput it in your car what you're going to be doing is picking it up like this so as youcan see I'm going to hold up.

Now I'm going to uncollapse it by releasing this safetyfeature here.

And this is a pretty easy thing to do; you just fling it open and wait forthat very nice clicking sound.

So it's going to be like this.

Not something to do withyour baby in the stroller.

Now what do people say about this stroller? As you just saw thisis a fairly easy stroller to collapse, but when it's in its collapse state it doesn'tlie super, super flat so it will not fit into all trunks -really something to think about.

Number 2, it can be a bit heavy.

Some people do find this a bit heavy.

It also can be abit wide.

Look at the breath of these wheels here on the bottom so if you're going to begetting in and out of small spaces and you like going to small cafes, this is somethingto think about.

All in all, I think is a really, really great stroller.

It's very, very popularespecially to people who are attracted to the UppaBaby but want to pay a bit less.

Soanyway thank you so much for joining CloudMom and we will see you all next time!.