Hello fellow CloudMomers, Melissa here thisis CloudMom.

We are at Albee Baby on the upper West side of Manhattan today looking at oneof these most important items for new moms and for dads the stroller.

This is like strollermania! And we're going to be looking at a lot of different strollers to analyze theirfeatures and their attributes to help you decide which is the right choice for you.

This first stroller we're going to look at today is the Baby Jogger City Mini.

This pricesout at about $200-$250, although we did find one for $189 on eBay.

We do have the 2012model with us here today.

But let's start looking at this.

The main feature people loveabout the City Mini is about the ease with which this stroller can be collapsed.

Youarguably can have one baby on one side in your arm or on your hip, definitely in a carrier,and with one hand you can collapse this very easily.

Watch this, boom, that's all you needto do.

It then has one latch here on the right side that you need to release like this andyou can uncollapse the stroller like that in a very, very simple motion.

This is idealfor people who are getting in and out of cars a lot and for travel.

Other things peoplereally love about this stroller is how easy this is to maneuver, how agile this is.

Lookat this, it's just so easy to move back and forth.

It's a very easy stroller to maneuverand this has to do with a very agile front wheel.

Another thing that's very nice aboutthe City Mini is that is can almost fully recline so that your baby can be fully reclinedin the stroller.

It has 4 reclining positions.

It has very nice storage underneath the stroller.

Although the access for the stroller is a little bit better on the sides so keep thatin mind.

It has a very nice canopy, very protective of the sun.

And you can get a rain cover.

You can also open the top so that your baby can get a little vista from where he or sheresides.

So that's the canopy.

The wheels, okay this City Mini has plastic wheels, whichshould be fine in a normal city circumstance or in the suburbs or in the mall.

If you needsomething that's a lot more stable on rough terrain you might want to consider the CityMini GT which also came out in 2012, but it is about $100 more so consider that.

Thoseare the main features of the City Mini.

So what is the low down on this stroller? Whatdo people say? This is a very popular stroller in Manhattan; you see it all over the place.

I'm not sure about other urban centers, but people really love it in Manhattan and peoplelove the versatility we were talking about.

But what are the things that people do haveissues with? Number 1, this is not a stroller that you can reverse.

So you can't go fromthe baby facing back to the baby facing forward.

That is a feature that's important to somepeople.

Number 2, the storage is very, very good, but it's easier to access it from theside rather than the back.

And some people do have difficulty getting their diaper bagin here.

Number 3, it does not come with a cup holder for your drink for your ice coffeewhen you're so exhausted walking around in the summer you can buy one that attaches.

The handlebars are very nice to hold, but they're not where you can locate your diaperbag, which is a feature that many people look for.

Finally, can you put your infant in thisstroller? This is the type of stroller where you're going to have to buy an adapter andyou're going to affix the adapter to the base of the stroller and you can use your car seat.

This is what you will use in the early months.

You will not just put your newborn baby inhere.

It's not snug enough for a newborn.

After a few months when your baby is big enoughyou can then stop using the car seat and the converter and you can use the main stroller.

So this stroller does not have an add on to make it into a double stroller, but the BabyJogger does make a City Mini Deluxe which we also will be looking at so check that out.

All in all, I have to say I have kind of fallen in love with this stroller taking a look atit today.

I'm not going to be in a position to do this, but I almost wish I could buyone for my little Marielle this summer.

I think it's just ideal.

So it is in the mediumprice range between $200-$250, you might be able to get one cheaper on eBay.

Definitelywant to consider as you're out looking for strollers, good luck shopping for your strollerwith your baby and we'll see you next time on CloudMom!.